Prestige Paint are local kitchen cabinet painters, hand painting kitchens for home owners and cabinet makers alike.

Prestige Paint are experienced cabinet and furniture painters who have painted many kitchens in homes and for cabinet makers.

As with all painting and decorating, preparation is key and this is especially important with kitchen cabinets as you don’t want to see chipping on the edges of the doors or profiles. Sharp edges are the weak point on many cabinet profiles that were designed for stained finishes rather than paint. If you are moving from a stained finish to a paint, we will take the time to ‘break the edges’ to slightly smooth the sharp edges in the preparation to give durability to areas that are prone to chipping. The lack of surface area on sharp edges means paint coatings can’t properly adhere and ‘breaking the edges’ is the best way to overcome this problem.

Hand paint on site or take away to spraying. Airless spray gun provides the best finish – flat and speeds up the timings. Client’s preference of a brush marked finish or a plastic finish – depends on whether they would like a texture.

Factory Finish

The key to achieving a factory finish on your kitchen cabinet doors is the environment in which its painted as well as the professional techniques. We remove your cabinets and paint them off-site in our workshop. This allows us to prevent airborne particles from landing on your doors in the painting process for the perfect finish and ensures that the coating can dry and cure properly. Having your doors and cabinets professionally painted means you can have a ‘new’ kitchen at a fraction of the price or you get the exact colour or finish you want for your new kitchen.

Our factory finish process


Remove the doors and take off-site


All on-site surfaces prepped and primed


Application of coatings to your on-site surfaces


Quality Control Approval


Delivery of doors


Installation of doors (about two weeks after the start)

Professional finish every time

Throughout our process of preparation, priming, sanding and top coats we ensure that attention is paid to every detail. We will caulk and fill any gaps or holes to ensure a beautiful, solid finish. Sanding after priming allows us to get a great bond for the pain and a glass like finish if required. When the final coats are applied this is where all the hard work in the preparation pays off. We inspect every door or cabinet once complete before we allow it to dry and cure to ensure the highest standards.

We only use industry leading quality cabinet grade products to achieve a rich and durable finish. . Some paint products do not sand well which can cause difficulties but we want to make sure your cabinetry will last you a lifetime if need be, so we use products that won’t give you problems if you decide to have your doors or cabinets refinished or painted in the future.

You can still use your kitchen while we repaint your kitchen doors and cabinets. You don’t need to clear out your cabinets if you don’t want to as we only need access to the front half of your shelves to do our work. Rest assured we cover and protect countertops and floors and clean up after ourselves daily.

It’s the small details that make the difference and we will work with you to plan the perfect new look kitchen for your home.

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